A Little Potato and Hard to Peel (USA)

034 Harrrell D websize

On stage: David Harrell
Author: David Harrell

Performance lasts 60 minutes

It is a universal story about a not so ordinary life. In his warm, smart, and engaging autobiographical solo show, David Harrell delivers a hilarious and insightful look at living with a disability. He was born in southern Georgia, in the 70s, without his right hand. His parents, having never known anyone with a disability, promised he would never be different. He soon realizes, however, the metal hook he wears on his right hand does in fact make him feel different. A Little Potato and Hard to Peel is not so much a show about living with a disability or overcoming the circumstances of his life but the journey to find the awareness to not be defined by limitations. Through his journey we learn to not let ourselves be defined by our own limitations or let the circumstances of our lives peel away the core of our humanity.

Longing for Grace – the life and inner life of Grace Kelly (USA)


On stage: Grace Kiley
Director: Austin Pendleton
Author: Grace Kiley

Performance lasts 65 minutes

Suspended between life and death, film legend turned real-life princess Grace Kelly weaves the story of her life into a cautionary tale for her daughter and makes a telling statement about the cost of abandoning ones dreams. Austin Pendleton directs this poignant look at fame, folly, and a woman undone by her own strength.

On These Weels (Finland)

On stage: Pekka Heikkinen
Director: Heikki Huttu-Hiltunen
Author: Heikki Huttu-Hiltunen, Pekka Heikkinen

Pekka Heikkinen

(Näillä mennään) is a monologue based on real incidents in the life of Pekka Heikkinen, artistic license notwithstanding. It tells the story of a man beaten down by life, of a paralyzed actor returning to the theatrical field after years of absence. Althoug he has not faced an audience from the stage for 15 years, he has been performing the whole time – non-stop, for everyone, including himself. His passion for theatre drives him back onstage. A flight from pain and a break from lurking bitterness has begun. Perseverance and a lust for life are roused in the protagonist.

The performance is of a comical and affirmative nature, yet not forgetting the cruel side of life. The scope of the multi-level performance extends from poetry and singing to raw and fiery dialogue with God, among others. He barges through fear and shame,
all the while answering all sorts of questions people tend to pose to a paralyzed man. “Listen! Think about this. A man is. A man is your image. In your own image you created him. Well, look. Behold the man! Not much. Not much to see. But whole as an image. Even a broken man is whole.”

The Other Mozart (Poland/USA)


On stage: Sylvia Milo
Director: Isaac Byrne
Author: Sylvia Milo

Performance lasts 75 minutes

THE OTHER MOZART is the true and untold story of Nannerl Mozart, the sister
of Amadeus – a prodigy, keyboard virtuoso and composer, who performed throughout Europe with her brother to equal acclaim, but her work and her story faded away, lost to history.and heartbreaking letters.

“Strikingly beautiful” – New York Times

Set in and on a sweeping 6-meter dress, the play is based on facts, stories and lines pulled directly from the Mozart family’s humorous and heartbreaking letters. Along with music composed by her famous brother and Marianna Martines (a female composer who inspired Nannerl), original music was written for the play by Nathan Davis and Phyllis Chen (of Lincoln Center’s Mostly Mozart Festival and the International Contemporary Ensemble) using clavichords, music boxes, bells, teacups, and fans.

If These Spasms Could Speak (Scotland)

Robert Softley1

On stage: Robert Softley
Director: Sam Rowe
Author: Robert Softley

Performance lasts 60 minutes

“If These Spasms Could Speak” is a collection of funny, sad, touching and surprising narratives, gathered through interviews with disabled people. An engaging, highly humorous and interactive live art performance about disabled people that exposes a truth behind bodies that differ from the norm. “As disabled people, our bodies are central to how we exist in the world. They are the way others first judge us, the subject of medical diagnosis, and usually seen as the reason that we can’t take part in society. And yet, they also carry with them volumes of stories about incidents, scrapes and calamities. Let us tell you how we perceive ourselves.”

Caryatid unplugged (Greece)


On stage: Evi Stamatiou
Author: Evi Stamatiou
Directors: Evi Stamatiou, Philippos Philippou, Kostas Gakis
Music: Andreas Papapetrou
Costume/Props: Lina Motsiou

Movement director:  Depi Gorgogianni

Performance lasts 50 minutes

In a UK border office John, an immigration officer is trying to deport Rita, a Greek woman, who wants to stay in the UK. Αnother Greek woman appears, the marble column Caryatid. This one wants to return to Greece but she is not allowed as she belongs to the British Museum and therefore has to stay in the UK. Unfortunately prime minister David

Cameron will not let neither one to have what they want… Evi alone on stage performs all the above characters via burlesque, clowning, shadow theatre, physical comedy and traditional Greek music.

Sad Songs from the Heart of Europe (Finland)

Kuvaaja : Aki Loponen, Loma Graphics Oy

On stage: Liisa Sofia Pöntinen
Director: Jari Juutinen
Author: Kristian Smeds

Performance lasts 1 hour 30 minutes

Kristian Smeds’ monologue is based on Dostojevski’s “Crime and Punishment”. This time Sonja, who is forced to be a prostitute, gets to present her point of view. The performance also introduces the harsh stories from Europe, where happiness and property have been redivided between people. Europe, where young men plan nothing and do very extreme and suspicious things. “Sad Songs from the Heart of Europe” takes a glimpse deep into the human soul, but this glimpse is compassionate. In the middle of pain there’s also warm humor, beauty that repulses ugliness and even wonders happen.

The Case of Dussaert (Endla Theatre)


On stage: Kaili Viidas
Director: Triinu Ojalo
Author: Jacques Mougenot

Performance lasts 1 hour 20 minutes

French artist Philippe Dussaert’s (1947-1989) creation is the base of a rather peculiar precedent in the history of art: a scandal that bursts during the auction of his last piece, is a thriller and a comedy at the same time. While the unbelievable story of Philippe Dussaert’s creation caused a sensation in 1991, actress Kaili Viidas (1984) was painting colourful pictures with bold features. There were another big events happening in Estonia at that time, which is why the name of Dussaert is rather unknown for Estonians. Although at least one of his paintings can be found in t-shirt shops of different cities, nobody knows the author of it. Now Kaili Viidas tells the story of Dussaert to local audience and believe us, this story will amaze and make you laugh!

Phenomenon (R.A.A.A.M.)


On stage: Mait Malmsten (Estonian Drama Theatre)
Director: Madis Kalmet
Author: Hristo Boychev

Performance lasts 1 hour 15 minutes

A rather odd man with extraordinary contemplations and life experiences has been brought in front of a committee of experts. Who is this mysterious man with phenomenal visions of life and history? Is he the truth teller or a liar, crazy man or a genius, prophet or a charlatan?

Rainer’s Morning (Tallinn Chamber Theatre)


On stage: Indrek Taalmaa
Artistic director: Ervin Õunapuu
Author: Bengt Ahlfors

Performance lasts 1 hour

Realistic play “Rainer’s Morning” brings a 84-year-old confirmed bachelor’s morning in front of the audience. The morning hour is full of serious loneliness, but also love and hope. The comic bits let us think that there’s a great idea behind every lonely and sick man’s life, that every situation of everyone’s life is important and that every life is worth of living. And that most important is love. “Everything’s good and it keeps getting better,” repeats Rainer.



On stage: Pääru Oja, Indrek Sammul, Kaie Mihkelson
Director: Aleksander Eelmaa (Tallinn City Theatre)
Author: Tõnu Õnnepalu

Performance is with one break and lasts 3 hours 15 minutes

A few years ago writer Tõnu Õnnepalu found some letters in an old granary at Hiiumaa. One brother, Jakob, had sent the letters from America to the other brother Villem, who lived in Hiiumaa. They were written in the years 1915-1939, so it was a correspondence that lasted for years. Jakob was a sailor and he went to America, where he tried to build a life making business. Villem fought in World War I as a part of the tsar’s army, then also in the War of Indepence for a free Estonia. Then Villem stayed at his farm at his home island Hiiumaa and took care of his mother. Two brothers, two life stories, two fates of Estonian men in the 20th century is with an epilogue of postwar years, because the last letter was posted in America in the year 1967.

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